Toolpath Ordering

Review and edit the order assigned to toolpath groups. The toolpath order influences the order in which cuts will be made.

Ordering Toolpath Groups Manually

  1. In the Order Toolpath dialogue, use the horizontal blue arrow buttons to select toolpaths. The selected toolpath is indicated by a bold red number.

  2. Use the vertical green arrow buttons to change the cut number of the selected toolpath.

  3. Click OK when finished.

Pressing the arrow keys on the keyboard produces the same result as clicking on the blue and green arrows.

Order Manually using the Mouse

  1. Select the Manual option in the Order Toolpath dialogue.

  2. Click each toolpath in the desired order

  3. Click OK when finished

Order Toolpath Groups Using Sorting Methods

Select the sorting method from the Current Sort Method list.

Shortest Produce the shortest overall set of toolpaths and movements
Rows Order toolpaths in rows starting at the bottom of the plate and numbering left to right
Columns Order toolpaths in columns starting at the left of the plate and numbering top to bottom
Inside Out Sort toolpaths by position from the center of the plate to the edges
Outside In Sort toolpaths by position from the edges of the plate to the center